Customer Complaints

I am unhappy with the Products I received. What can I do?

Many problems are caused by misunderstandings and can be resolved informally. Please contact our customer service manager or the customer service agent who advised you by calling 02078642672, and he or she may be able to sort out the problem to your satisfaction.

How to make a complaint

In the event, you are dissatisfied with the products you have received and you have not been able to reach a resolution via our customer service area or support team, you can make a formal complaint by emailing Please include a subject heading of ‘Customer Complaint’ and supply your full name and order number.

What happens next?

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 2 hours. An investigation will be carried out into the issues raised and a full response will normally be provided within one working day. Where the issue is particularly complex, it may take a little longer to respond fully. If this is likely, we will provide information on the action that we are taking and when you can expect a full response.

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