100KG/220lbs LCD Digital Personal Floor Postal Platform Scale with 30*40 Platform & 0.6mm Plate Black UK Plug


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Welcome to our site. The platform scale is low cost and highly accurate measuring equipment which is most suitable for super markets, grocery stores and other retail outlets. This scale is made using highly accurate and precise sensors. It is with capacity to store up to 5 unit prices and 99 accumulation memories. It is a versatile machine, because it also runs on rechargeable battery in case of lack of mains power. The scale will also automatically switch off when it is in non-use condition, to save power.

1. Specifications: 100kg/100g
2. Precision: 1/3000f.s
3. Ac 220v/110v and build-in rechargeable battery. Output is DC 6V 0.6A
4. Storage up to 5 unit prices
5. Accumulate operation (0-99)
6. Account function, do memory recall, give change and memory clear one time
7. Auto shut off function to save power
8. Accumulate function
9. Unit price Storage function
10. Display windows: Weight window: 5digits; Unit price window: 5digits; Total price window: 6digits
11. HD backlit LCD display

1. Color: Black
2. Model: GAIS-06050
3. Maximum Capacity: 100kg / 220.46 lbs
4. Dimensions: (15.75 x 11.81 x 27.56)" / (40 x 30 x 70 )cm (L x W x H)
5. Platform Size: 30*40cm
6. Weight: 6kg / 13.23lbs
7. Material: Iron Sheet
8. Unit: lb/kg
9. Precision: 1/3000F.S
10. Graduation: 5g
11. Input: 110-220V AC 47/63Hz
12. Output: DC 6V 0.6A
13. Plug Type: UK Plug

Package Includes:
1 x Platform Scale
1 x User Manual
1 x Charger

Key Description:
ZERO: the zero key zeroes the scale
TARE: the tare key subtracts tare values and changes the tcs from gross mode to net mode
M: the M key used to store data in your scale
M : M key will store and accumulate the value of weight and amount
M1-M5: Stores unit price value at 5 different locations
C: The C key is used for canceling the memoried data
0-9: The number keys are used for setting unit price data
 . : DECIMAL P0INT key is used for set the decimal position of unit price

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 76 × 32 × 17 cm


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